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Public Liability?

All over Britain tonight, people will be arguing in pubs about how the vote should have gone. Whichever way you voted, none of this is your fault. The man in the street simply isn’t equipped to make such complex decisions about the future of a country. Both sides made dozens of intelligent points about remaining in the EU or leaving, and both sides destroyed those points with dozens of intelligent counter points. This happened again and again and again over the past months. The public aren’t political experts - they just read the shit in the papers and watch TV - and, for many people, this monumental decision eventually came down to who they liked (or disliked) the most.

Did they like smarmy millionaire Cameron, jokey bloke Farage, comical, bumbling Boris...

Maybe leaving is the correct decision. Maybe it isn’t. if we’d studied European politics at university, become a politician and spent the past several years studying the EU situation and discussing it with other experts, we might have voted the RIGHT way.

The problem is we didn’t do any of this and we pay people who ARE experts to decide these things for us.

However you voted, don’t feel guilty about what happens in two years, because it was never YOUR job to negotiate this minefield. This was a supposedly critical decision, which could destroy Britain and has seemingly caused the British PM to resign, and yet it was left to the man in the street.

This is similar to taking a very sick child to A&E and having the doctors and trained staff examine it. This child could easily die, but bizarrely, they allow the crowd of people in the waiting room to decide on how best to treat it. When the child dies the doctors point at this shocked crowd and say: 'Just look what you've done. This little angel is dead and it's your fault.'

We’re incapable of voting on the decimation of the NHS and the emergency services, the invasion of Muslim countries, and the spending of hundreds of billions of pounds on nuclear missiles to keep Britain a ‘nuclear power’. We WERE, however, allowed to decide on THIS, and now whatever happens, the man in the street is to blame.

The super-rich elite wouldn’t be affected whichever way this vote went, but now they can raise oil prices, change bank and interest rates, and basically do whatever they like, while pointing at their public scapegoat and gleefully telling us that we voted for it.

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