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All news will be posted here. My book news, that is - if you want to know what's happening in the Middle East, you'll need to look on the BBC News. Scroll down to find out what's happening in the world of Bernie Quist.



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1st April, 2024. Just found this great review of Cat Flap from last year. Whoever you are, Miss C Nathan, you're a wonderful human being with amazing taste in books. A big thank you for this.

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1st October, 2023. The Rumba of the Beast gets a lovely review from writer Sandra Zaske. A big thank you for this Sandy.

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20th September, 2023. The new Bernie Quist novel, The Rumba of the Beast, was released this morning. To celebrate, MX Publishing are offering all FIVE Bernie Quist novels for the price of three, click the link and use the discount code 'bernie'.


20th September, 2023. The new Bernie Quist novel, The Rumba of the Beast, was released by MX Publishing this morning. Only £9.99 for the paperback, which is 666 upside down. This probably means something very spooky and profound (or not). Please don't confuse this with The Rumba of the Yeast - a medical condition where embarrassing itching causes people to perform Rumba-like dance movements

Rumba cover wrap.jpg

6th July, 2023. The Kickstarter passed its target with flying colours and you can pre-order a copy of The Rumba of the Beast before the September the 20th release date.

Here's a really nice review of the novel by the lovely Discovery reviewer Maia Keeley

Crowley moon.jpg

27th April, 2023. The Kickstarter project for the new Bernie Quist novel, The Rumba of the Beast, launched this morning. What's a Kickstarter? Well you simply 'pledge' money now, but pay nothing until June. By buying books through this, your copies arrive a month early and at a much lower cost than the retail price. Please don't confuse this with The Rumba of the Yeast - a medical condition where embarrassing itching causes people to perform dance-like movements

14th April, 2023. The cover of The Rumba of the Beast. Brilliant work by artist Brian Belanger. Brian has supplied the cover art for all five Bernie Quist novels.

Rumba full.jpg

29th January, 2022. Here are four really brilliant reviews of the Bernie Quist novels narrated in audiobook form. These are by the lovely Claudia on Amazon's www. Whoo, she seems to quite like them.

rev 01.png
rev 02.png
rev 03.png
rev 04.png

6th October, 2021. Great news. The Music of Sound, Judgment Clay and Badda Moon Rising are all now available as audiobooks, narrated by Christopher Power. Ideal if you don't like reading print, or if both your hands are occupied. Perhaps you're performing open heart surgery, or aiming a police sniper rifle in a tense hostage siege.


30th May. 2021. Brilliant. The Music of Sound is now available as an audio book from MX Publishing. Narrated by the lovely Christopher Power. Great news for anyone who prefers listening to reading. I say GREAT NEWS FOR ANYONE WHO PREFERS LISTENING TO READING.


23rd April, 2021. Great news. MX Publishing are preparing to launch the Music of Sound as an audiobook. Watch this space.


16th March, 2021. I’ve just found a few new book reviews on the US version of Amazon - for Judgment Clay, and the Music of Sound. For some reason, this and the UK version are separate websites, meaning that, when Americans write reviews, they don’t appear in Britain and I don’t see them unless I log onto there. Anyway, thanks David. You’re clearly a man of great taste and I wish you good health and a romantic date with Gillian Anderson.

Screenshot (158).png
Screenshot (159).png

15th January, 2021. Very nice review of Badda Moon Rising posted on Amazon by the lovely Sandy. Huge thanks and I'm really pleased you enjoyed the a good font for creating page titles with impact.

Screenshot (112).png

11th January, 2021. Great review of Badda Moon Rising on Amazon by David Chamberlain. Huge thanks, David and all the best. Really glad you enjoyed the a good font for creating page titles with impact.

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9th October, 2020. Great feature in the Wakefield a good font for creating page titles with impact.


8th October, 2020. Badda Moon Rising released by MX Publishing. Ideal if you enjoy humorous supernatural mysteries, or if you have a wobbly table with a short a good font for creating page titles with impact.


1st October, 2020. A really nice article in the Selby a good font for creating page titles with impact.


25th September, 2020. Up on the York walls taking photos of the new a good font for creating page titles with impact.


2nd August, 2020. Excellent news. The MX Kickstarter has ended after one month and the target has been passed. We came in at £544. Brilliant. All the books will be posted out in the near future.lso a good font for creating page titles with impact.

Badda cover.jpg

11th July, 2020. The MX Kickstarter has been up and running one week and we're already well over half way with £300 pledged. Check it out and please share on your social media - Facebook, Twitter, etc, but probably not Grinder or Tinder.lso a good font for creating page titles with impact.

Badda cover.jpg

2nd July, 2020. Badda Moon Rising, the new Bernie Quist novel is released in October, but MX Publishing are running a Kickstarter project from today. With Kickstarters, you simply 'pledge' money, but pay nothing until the following month. By pledging to buy a book in July, your copy will arrive (at least) a month early and £2 less than the retail price. Check out the other great offers - for example, all four paperbacks at a reduced price – ideal if you haven’t yet delved into the bizarre and humorous world of York detectives Quist and Watson. There are signed copies, and a chance for you (or a friend) to actually appear in the next supernatural mystery. A character with YOUR name, who resembles you and shares your peculiarities. Who knows? You might be involved in a weird sex scene or find yourself horribly murdered. Or, if you’re lucky, BOTH.

Badda cover.jpg


28th June, 2020. Full wraparound cover courtesy of Brian Belanger. Superb. 

Badda cover full.jpg

27th June, 2020. Brilliant new book cover for the upcoming Badda Moon Rising by American artist Brian Belanger. I want to howl at the night sky...

Badda cover.jpg

17th July, 2019. Lovely Amazon book review of Judgment Clay by Michigan writer Sandra Zaske. A big thank you for the kind words, Sandy. If you’ve read this humorous detective mystery set on the Yorkshire coast, why not leave your own short review? Just a few lines, or a couple of words is great. A virtual hug and several digital kisses for every review.

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khyber-pass-canvas (2).jpg

15th May, 2019... or the 15th of


18th April, 2019. That brilliant online outlet the Book Depository are offering ten percent off all pre-orders of the novel Judgment Clay with free delivery on the 15th of May.

Cover small.jpg

27th March, 2019. Judgment Clay is now available to pre-order at Amazon and other book stores


6th March, 2019. This month in Beverley Life they have a half-page feature on the novel Judgment Clay. Just for once, the newspaper didn’t print the warning “do not approach” beneath my picture.


3rd March, 2019. As much of Judgment Clay is set in the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby, here's an interview with me on the brilliant Whitby Online


14th Feb, 2019. They have a nice article about Judgment Clay on the brilliant online magazine Just Beverley. It also looks at the Beverley werewolf, the supernatural creature that lurks around the banks of the nearby Barmston Drain. This ancient waterway and the town of Beverley both feature in the novel. There's also a nod to the werewolf mystery.


8th February, 2019. Judgment Clay, the new Bernie Quist novel is released in May, but MX Publishing are running a one month Kickstarter project starting today. By pledging money now, your copy will arrive in April, a month early and at a lower cost than the retail price. Check out the great Kickstarter rewards, where (for example) you can get all three paperbacks – ideal if you haven’t yet delved into the bizarre, humorous world of York detectives Quist and Watson – and a chance to actually appear as a character in the next mystery. Who knows? You might be involved in a weird sex scene or find yourself horribly murdered.


29th January, 2019. Brilliant cover artwork for Judgment Clay by Brian Belanger.

Cover wrap small.jpg

25th January. 2019.

Great news - the new Bernie Quist novel Judgment Clay is being released shortly by MX Publishing via a Kickstarter campaign. More news to follow.



A modern-day Sherlock Holmes, Bernie Quist operates as a consultant detective from Baker Avenue in York. His assistant is Watson, although this Watson is a streetwise youth from the Grimpen housing estate and he's definitely no doctor. The mismatched duo take on bizarre cases which invariably lead into the realms of the supernatural, a shadowy world that, thanks to his dark secret, Quist is all too familiar with.


The north of England has a new political group headed by Dominic Churchill. The White Rose Party campaign for Yorkshire independence, fairer wages and pensions, and the adoption of Yorkshire Pudding as Britain’s national dish. Unfortunately, white is the appropriate word, for their amiable façade conceals a far right organisation with a sinister racist agenda.  Watson’s Jewish girlfriend has been attacked by Churchill’s thugs and Quist is determined to expose these white supremacists and end their rise to power.


The detective soon realises that Churchill and his people have been targeted by someone else, a highly dangerous individual with a terrifying supernatural weapon. This man also plans to end White Rose, but his idea of ending is a touch more homicidal and gruesome.


A dark and very peculiar game is afoot…

1st May, 2018. Looking at the MX Publishing sales figures, I know lots of people have read both Cat Flap and the Music of Sound. A huge thank you to you all and I hope you enjoyed them, but could I make a teensy request? Could you possibly spare a moment to leave a brief review on Amazon? Just a few words, or even just one. The number of reviews push the books up the lists and they then appear as reader recommendations. Here’s Rita Hayworth as Salome performing the dance of the seven veils. I’ve had a chat with her (via a dodgy psychic friend) and she’s kindly agreed to remove a veil for every review posted. Thanks, Rita, and thanks again to all the Bernie Quist readers.

11th February, 2018.  A nice review of the Cat Flap audio book. The listener says they were laughing in the car all the way to work, but fortunately no road accidents were reported that morning.

6th February, 2018. A marvellous spoof film poster for the Music of Sound by Mark Sohn.

27th September. The lovely Christine Henderson, a Texas writer, interviews me on her website - the WriteChris.

21st September. The Music of Sound released by MX Publishing in paperback. Available from Amazon, Waterstones and other outlets.

19th September 2017. Cat Flap is now available as an audio book, narrated by the lovely Paul Halligan.

30th July 2017. An interview with me about Cat Flap, Sherlock Holmes and books on that wonderful website the Well-Read Sherlockian.

27th July 2017. Marvellous Amazon review of the Music of Sound from Michigan writer Sandra Zaske.

6th July 2017. Great review of the Music of Sound from Mark Sohn on the Volcano Cat website. Warning - there are a few spoilers if you haven't already read Cat Flap.

13th May 2017. The Music of Sound now available in Kindle format from MX Publishing at Amazon, the Book Depository and other online outlets. The paperback is released in September.

10th March 2017. Fantastic cover artwork for the Music of Sound from Brian Belanger

6th March 2017. Nice piece about Cat Flap on Linda's Book Bag

11th February 2017. Nice write-up on Cat Flap in the York Press. Whooo, I'm in the papers and, for once, there's no 'do not approach' warning.

10th February 2017.  Great review of Cat Flap by Marvin Vernon on Goodreads

1st February 2017. Great review of Cat Flap by Mark Sohn on the Volcano Cat blog. Also an interview with some bloke called Jarvis. He sounds like the sort of person you'd want your daughter to bring home.

6th January 2017.  Cat Flap is the first in a series of humorous mysteries set in York, featuring the modern day consulting detective Bernie Quist and his teenage assistant Watson. Why not enter this Giveaway promotion on the Goodreads website? You have a no-strings-attached chance to win a free paperback copy of the novel . Just click the button  link here and then click the 'Enter Giveaway' button. Happy clicking and, hopefully, happy reading.

27th October 2016. The novels Dark Equinox, Here Be Dragons and Witch Hunt are now unfortunately unavailable due to problems with the publisher

26 October 2016. Christmas is early. Ten copies of the humorous supernatural thriller Cat Flap from MX Publishing, sent out before the release date of February 1st. Now where to send them for a review...

22nd October 2016. Great news. MX Publishing are bringing out the novel Cat Flap at the beginning of February, a humorous supernatural thriller featuring York consultant detective Bernie Quist. MX are the world's leading publisher of Sherlock Holmes books, so it's probably just as well Quist is a modern-day Holmes with an assistant named Watson.

12th October 2015. Nice review of Dark Equinox by Paul Pearson of the excellent Greenmantle Pagan magazine.

25th July 2015. The supernatural thriller Witch Hunt is now available on Kindle, with the paperback released on the first of August. For the price of a cup of coffee (well, Starbucks coffee, at any rate) you can curl up with a paranormal mystery featuring magick, the Great Beast 666, and Christian evangelists with flamethrowers. What more could you want? Zombie holocausts and sparkly vampires?

27 June 2015. Not exactly news, and certainly not an event, but the 'sexy Viking' beard is gone, so I thought it was time for a new picture here in the biography, and also on my Amazon Author profile. Oh, stop drooling

30 May 2015. The new cover artwork for Witch Hunt has arrived, once again, from the delicious Dawne Dominique. I love it. It captures the freezing cold, snowy atmosphere of the story, and the 'witch' really does look hunted. This is the first time I've ever seen my name on the magazine of a MAC - 10 machine pistol

27 March 2015. Here Be Dragons is now available in both Kindle and paperback editions from Amazon and all online book stores

28 January 2015. Dark Equinox is now for sale in the electronic Kindle edition on Amazon and will be available in paperback shortly after the first of February

January 2015. The new cover for Here Be Dragons is ready, once again from the talented Dawne Domnique. A very atmospheric depiction of a walled town on a craggy Northumbrian headland. Brilliant.

November 2014. Cover art for Dark Equinox by the delightful and very talented Dawne Dominique. She's done a great job - Edinburgh Castle has never looked so eerie and brooding.

These are the original covers that I knocked up myself, back when the first Iona Kyle novel was called Sisterhood. I'm looking forward to seeing what the artists at Damnation Books come up with.

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